Open-Ended Play United

Open-Ended Play United

Companies Advocate for Open, Free, and Active Play: BAVVIC, GRIMM’s, KAPLA, Stapelstein and Waytoplay Unite

Stapelstein, Grimms, KAPLA, waytoplay, and BAVVIC are thrilled to announce a vibrant collaboration taking place throughout July on social media. Together, they will explore the concept of Open-Ended Play and showcase inspiring combinations of their diverse products.

Open-Ended Play is celebrated for enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction among children. It allows children to engage in play without predefined rules and goals, providing a rich environment to freely unleash their imagination and learn effectively through play.

This collaboration will feature a range of creative play ideas and valuable insights, shared across the social media channels and websites of the participating companies. Parents, educators, and play enthusiasts can anticipate a series of inspiring content:

Play Ideas: Creative and easy-to-follow guides for games that utilize the products of the participating companies.

Insights: Informative background information on the companies, the philosophy of open play, and its various dimensions.

Rooted in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France, these companies are united by a shared mission to promote free play. All brands are committed to using sustainable materials and maintaining fair production practices.

About the Participating Companies:

Stapelstein: Offers a modular play system designed to ignite open-ended play and nurture a child’s imagination. The versatile and lightweight play elements encourage children of all ages to engage in activities like balancing, building, jumping, and climbing. The vibrant design of these elements can transform any space into an adventure playground or a fantastical world.

Waytoplay: Provides the original flexible toy road that sparks imagination by enabling children to build unique worlds and stories. These roads empower children to follow wherever their creativity takes them, fostering open-ended play and limitless adventure possibilities.

GRIMM’S: Renowned for beautifully handcrafted wooden toys, GRIMM’S enhances sensory experiences and encourages explorative play. Each toy is designed to support imaginative storytelling and complex building tasks, fostering a deep, intuitive understanding of the natural world and artistic expressions.

KAPLA: Known for its simple yet captivating wooden planks, KAPLA has been a staple in creative play since 1987. It challenges users of all ages to engage their imagination and artistic instincts, using gravity as the only rule.

BAVVIC: Specializes in toys that merge traditional craftsmanship with modern design and sustainable practices. BAVVIC focuses on interactive and educational play, crafting toys that bolster creativity and concentration, and inspire children to delve into new ways of thinking and interacting.

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