Fast & Easy Ordering

Fast & Easy Ordering

We've updated the webshop to deliver your order fast and easy!

Waytoplay Toys is simplifying the order process to deliver your orders faster than ever.

+ super-fast delivery
+ low minimum order value 300 euro
+ order any quantity per item

The payment option 'bank transfer' is deleted from the wholesale webshop. This means that you have to pay the order at the checkout and receive the invoice with the order confirmation.

Your order will processed on the same or the next business day. You can expect delivery by Fedex or DPD within one or two days. Less administrative hassle for all of us, faster delivery to your store!

Per 1 July 2024 we will update the minimum order value to 300 euro. You can order any quantity that you need. Get your store ready for business and place your order via the menu above.