Cross-selling Waytoplay toys has never been easier

Cross-selling Waytoplay toys has never been easier

With the expansion of the product range we see that more customers are adding Roadblocks, Cars and Aeroplanes to their shopping carts. Waytoplay now has dedicated Roadblocks for all three themes: Drive, Race and Fly.

The wooden aeroplane - the Flyer - is included in the Runway, but immensely popular as a stand alone product as not many manufacturers have been able to make such a nice and strong aircraft.

The average cart value has increased and children are very happy with the play value and fun the new addtions to the range bring.

Make sure that you add some of the new products to your next order. Put the new products on display near your Waytoplay assortment and make sure that you recommend your customers the new high-quality wooden accessories along the flexible toy roads to make the kids happy as can be.