Waytoplay new packaging and updated content

Waytoplay new packaging and updated content

Check out the brighter colors red, blue, green and yellow on the road sets. We have updated the key image and integrated the unique selling points in the images on the reverse sides. Each set now comes with an illustrated craft inner box and full-color outer glove box. They look and feel like the high quality that is inside.

Watch Ramon explain all about the new packaging on our Youtube channel:


Inside we added up to three new road markings to the Expressway, Highway and King of the Road. Enjoy playing with the new Parking, No Overtaking and Bus Stop.

Waytoplay New Parking Waytoplay No Overtaking
Waytoplay Bus Stop

Ensure you work through your stock first-in, first-out to introduce the refreshed sets to your customers at your earliest convenience. Orders with the new packaging have shipped since early September 2023 (in Europe and Asia).