Back and Forth - or ‘heen en weer’ as we say in Dutch - is our handsome, quirky, little wooden toy car. Can’t tell the front from the back? Just leave it up to a child’s imagination, they’ll find their own way to drive Back and Forth!

The Back and Forth Car is specially designed by Dutch designer Floris Hovers for Waytoplay. The cars are produced and colored in Italy. The assembly and packaging take place in the workshop of Waytoplay Toys in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The latest edition to the family is this perfect Pink version. Combine them with the woody, red, blue, orange and yellow cars on your Waytoplay roads.

Did you know that Waytoplay Back & Forth Cars are made of sustainably sourced beech wood en have the strongest steel axles and injection molded plastic wheels, putting them among the strongest wooden toy cars available!

Pink Wooden Back&Forth Car by Waytoplay
Available from end of October 2023