Let your imagination take flight!

The flexible road parts are the basis for the new runway theme. We have designed a little, wooden aeroplane with flexible wings that will be first introduced in the Runway set. 

The Runway is our latest addition to our collection. Airport themed parts with double sided yellow silk-screen printed graphics that are typical markings that can be seen on airports, like taxiways, take-off and landing strips and gates.

See Ramon explain the ins and outs of the brand-new Runway in the video below:


Waytoplay Runway

The Runway connects to the Waytoplay road and race sets so you can expand your waytoplay world with these colorful road parts and let your imagination take flight.

The wooden aeroplane - named Flyer - is made from the sustainably sourced beech wood and has super-strong steel axles and injection molded plastic wheels. The wing is punched out of upcycled flexible road parts.

Available from 12 October 2023. Order your's here!