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The Original Flexible Toy Road

Waytoplay Toys is de maker of the original flexible toy road. A modern twist on a classic childhood favorite. Unleash the joy of playing with toy cars.

The original flexible toy road from The Netherlands is practically indestructible and waterproof. Combine the roads and race tracks with our quirky but super strong wooden cars and brand-new roadblocks for endless adventures and hours of fun... guaranteed.

Social & Local

Made in The Netherlands

Family founded and run since 2014, we believe in creativity, imagination, care and connection. And it’s been a great road trip so far!

Waytoplay was born from a family passion for playing with toy cars in sun and sand. Father, inventor and designer Sybren created waytoplay for his son Joep, way back in 2003.

Together with our high-tech partner and skilled specialists, we make our road segments. The road segments are then printed and packaged in The Netherlands by a social enterprise. They provide sheltered employment, regular work for people with little access to work. This makes us happy and proud.

U.S. Distributor for Waytoplay

VICI Brands is distributor dozens of other international brands, and is a sourcing destination for hundreds of retailers in the U.S., Mexico and Canada that seek curated and premier goods in categories including Play, Nursery, Home, and Fashion.

Waytoplay Toys is happy to work with Vicibrands as our distributor for the USA.

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Business Development

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