Waytoplay Toys into the UK

Waytoplay Toys into the UK

We are happy to announce that we have lowered the GBP prices and increased retailer margins on Waytoplay toys per 1 July 2023. Mark-up went up and recommended retail prices in British pounds are lowered. It's time to re-stock Waytoplay now!

Waytoplay Toys are made in and shipped from The Netherlands, so no import duties apply. By simply adding your VAT number at the check-out, the delivery with Fedex is smooth as ever and just takes a few days. The 20% VAT and a small disbursement fee is invoiced by Fedex or settled via your tax declarations.

import Waytoplay into the UK

For VAT registered retailers, import VAT should not be charged at the border, as it should instead be reported in your VAT return via a process known as postponed accounting. Postponed accounting was introduced in the UK from 1 January 2021, and it allows importers, whose VAT registration numbers are included on the relevant import declaration and who intend on using the imported goods for their business, to account for import VAT via their VAT return (instead of at the time of import).

For non VAT registered retailers placing orders of less than £135, any applicable UK VAT will be charged at checkout. In this situation, UK marketplace rules apply, and VAT will be charged at checkout by Faire to the retailer.

For non VAT registered retailers placing orders of more than £135, import VAT and duties will be charged at the border when importing your products.

You can expect invoices from Waytoplay Toys for the order amount plus shipping (we offer free shipping above 500 GBP), from FedEx for the 20% VAT amount and a small disbursement fee (usually between 4 and 13 GBP) and you will have to take care of your tax declarations or deferment in the UK.

Please sign in to see your GBP purchase pricing with increased mark-up for your store. Any questions? Please contact us.

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