Waytoplay X Candylab SPEEDWAY

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For those with a need for speed! Left turns only with this set. Perfect for any car lover who wants to hit the track for a few time trials. This set includes 12 Road Pieces that assemble into a closed loop. Candylab cars Red Racer #5 and Blue Racer #8 are ready to go with this kit.

Set Contains:

- 12 Waytoplay roadparts (8 race curves, 3 racetracks "start" and 1 racetrack "finish")
- 2 Candylab cars (Red Racer #5 and Blue Racer #8)

These are a limited edition collaboration sets. We can only grant you 2 pieces of each set of the collaboration sets.


age: 3+
content: 12 road parts with race markings and two candycar racers
packaging: 27 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm
weight: 1220 gram
length: 192 cm
width: 11 cm
retail price: 60 euro
barcode: 8719327075746
master carton: 10 sets
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