Waytoplay X Candylab OPEN ROAD

coming soon!
Article code 12OR
Collaboration Waytoplay X Candylab
age 3+
content 12 curves road parts en two candycars
packaging 27 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm
weight 1040 gram
length 156 cm
width 11 cm
retail price 66 euro
barcode 8719327075739
master carton 10 sets

Why stick to the straight and narrow? The Open Road Set includes 12 curved Road Pieces, sure to get you where you need to go (just not in a straight line). A Teal wagon and Pink Sedan accompany this set for a scenic drive. Great for winding paths, free form play, and creating your own adventure.

Set Contains:

- 12 Waytoplay roadparts (12 curves)
- 2 Candylab cars (Teal wagon and Pink Sedan)

These are a limited edition collaboration sets. We can only grant you 2 pieces of each set of the collaboration sets.