team waytoplay

From a fun idea and product design in 2003 to a toy design company with worldwide distribution and sales network in 2017. Our story in a nutshell. I am Sybren, waytoplay’s creator and designer. In 2013 my wife Marise and I embarked on a road trip into the unknown world of toys. Before we knew it, we were in overdrive. Together with Lex, distributor, and Stephanie, marketing, we are a solid team. Our kids, Bente and Joep regularly get on board to help out with packaging, events or photography for social media. Our team mirrors our product: compact, reliable and flexible.

Marise, my wife and co-founder, is handling the webshop and Consumer care, she will answer your questions about waytoplay. Lex knows the route in retail and he will help you with purchasing waytoplay. Stephanie is telling the world about waytoplay, from beautiful Paris, she is reaching out to parents and children.