Limited Stock Available

The demand for waytoplay toys is increasingly high this year. We have a limited stock available for a selected number of retailers.

We will continue with the fulfilment until Tuesday 22 December to process your orders that are placed on 21 December at the latest. After the 22nd we are cleaning up the headquarters and take a few days to relax after this hectic year.

Important note: you can order limited quantities and we ask you to constrain yourself to just one order per day so we can divide the available products over many retailers who still wish to order from us before Christmas. We only process paid orders that are placed on the trade website (here).

Please be aware of the following restrictions:

1. limited quantity per product*
2. place just one order per day
3. direct payment at the check-out

* We limited the quantities that you can order to six King of the Road, ten Highway, seven Expressway, nine Ringroad and five Extenstion Sets. If you place more than one order per day we will cancel them manually.

We thank you for the wonderful business,

team waytoplay toys